Advanced Technology Practice

The attorneys at Pastore & Dailey have extensive experience in representing multi-national software and technology companies at the local and federal level in a multitude of actions, including claims of misappropriation of technical and proprietary information, actions predicated upon trade libel and unfair trade practices, as well as a common carrier telecommunications disputes.

We regularly represent software companies in protecting their code and programs, negotiations, development agreements, and in disputes over licensing fees and ownership. We have recently favorably settled a large Federal Court action in the Southern District of New York involving the ownership of source code brought by our developer client against a Fortune 500 Company.  Our attorneys have written articles on these issues that have appeared on the front page of the New York Law Journal.  In addition, our attorneys have regularly represented CLECS in disputes with ILECS in connection with carrier charges and interconnection, having litigated some of the largest disputes in federal court in New England for the last several years.

We have been reatined by a company holding the patent to certian significant health care technologies in connection with a possible multi-billion dollar transaction with a German manufacturing and technology conglomerate.