Appellate Practice

Our attorneys have handled appeals in several federal and state court systems and are admitted to the First and Second Circuits, the Federal Circuit, as well as the Supreme Court of the United States.  One of our Attorneys has been named by the American Lawyer as one of the top Appellate Attorneys in Boston (2014) and Nationally (2015).

Our attorneys offer the knowledge and experience to guide you or your Company throughout the appellate process, whether you are pursuing an appeal as an Appellant or defending as an Appellee.

If our firm represented you at the trial level, we carefully considered during that time how best to identify and preserve all issues for appeal. If you are seeking our assistance for the first time at the appellate stage, we will carefully review the record to identify all issues on appeal, and then assess the viability of each of those issues.

In either scenario, our appellate attorneys will provide you with an honest assessment of the likelihood of success on appeal, an important factor to consider, and one that may lead to satisfactory settlement at the appellate stage.