Entertainment Practice

Entertainment law encompasses far more than just music, television and film. With platforms such as Youtube and Twitch being so accessible and affordable, these platforms have created enormous opportunities for budding content creators. Individuals and start-ups focusing on online video content, streaming and video games often overlook the importance of having quality legal counsel.

The attorneys at Pastore & Dailey have extensive experience in representing and servicing start-ups in many legal areas necessary for a content creator to develop a successful business. These areas include corporate formation, corporate governance, intellectual property registration and administration, contract review, drafting and negotiation, as well as facilitating the procurement and closing of all rounds of investments.

Pastore & Dailey’s experience and legal services are also suitable and well-adapted to representing game developers and studios looking to clear the many legal hurdles that stand in the way of a breakthrough game. This is due to the chemistry of our firm being equal parts young engaged attorneys who enjoy and understand this space and veterans of large international law firms with expertise in intellectual property, securities, venture finance and tax law.

Additionally, due to the nature of the industry, many find themselves involved in intellectual property lawsuits or partnership disputes over certain aspects of their content. For that, Pastore & Dailey has highly experienced litigators from some of the most prominent law firms in the country who have experience in all aspects of intellectual property, contract and business disputes.

The firm also regularly prepares and offers advice on stock option plans.